Hiring is always stressful. Whether you’re replacing a valued employee or expanding your business, you want your new hire to be the best possible addition to the team. That’s why it’s so frustrating when no one who responds to a job posting fits the desired qualifications. Either the right people aren’t seeing your posting or they are seeing it but aren’t interested. How can you figure out what the problem is and get qualified candidates to respond?

Post in the right places

It’s been a long time since posting a job was as easy as advertising in the local newspaper. Now, most jobseekers look online first. That complicates things for a hiring manager because there are so many job boards out there. Besides posting on the biggest sites, make sure to look into niche job boards for your industry and for your area — unless you’re hiring remotely, in which case you should post on job boards for remote workers.

Brush up your online presence

Even if a jobseeker does read about your position in a print ad, they may still do a search for your name online. That will turn up reviews and articles about your company, your website and your social media pages. A glance at your website should give the candidate a good idea of your company’s culture.

Make sure your job description works in your favor

Although it may seem basic, look over your job description and make sure it includes everything a prospective employee will want to know. That means salary, location, job requirements and qualifications. Otherwise, you risk losing qualified candidates after the first interview. However, your job description shouldn’t read like a form letter or a list of demands. Make the case for applying. Talk about your company culture, including what you do and why, and explain why this is such a good opportunity.

Don’t forget about referrals

Not every employee is hired through “official” channels. Ask other employees in the department whether they can refer anyone they know. You never know who might have a former co-worker who’s looking for a change.

Attracting qualified candidates is always a chore and always includes a generous helping of luck. But by following a few best practices, you can make it likelier that you’ll find your dream candidate. Give us a call to discuss your situation.

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