Section 125 – Cafeteria Plan Administration

Employees want to work at companies that offer flexible benefit plans. At Affiliated HR & Payroll, we connect you with the cafeteria plans and administration resources that meet your specific needs.

Get a Hiring Advantage

Help employees save on taxes

Meet Plan Requirements

With plan documentation

Avoid Accidental Discrimination

With non-discrimination testing

Save on Taxes

Employers, too, receive tax savings

Put administration of your cafeteria plan in the hands of the experts


Recruit the Best

Attract top talent with competitive benefits packages complete with cafeteria plans.


Expert Guidance

Plans are proposed only after an in-depth investigation of your needs.


Meet Plan Requirements

Our experts document your plan for you as well as the required plan description.


Stay Compliant

We’ll update your plan each year as changes are made to stay compliant with requirements.


Measure for Discrimination

Demonstrate that your plan doesn’t discriminate in favor of highly paid or key employees.


Save on Taxes

Employers save as much as 7.65% of employee pre-tax contributions.

Competitive Benefits Packages Made Easy

If you want to offer your employees the best of the best in the way of benefits packages, you can’t overlook cafeteria plans.

Section 125 of IRS code allows employees to take advantage of pre-taxed benefits. In other words, plans created by employers under Section 125, or cafeteria plans, enable an employer and employees to pay for group insurance premiums on a before-tax basis. Group insurance premiums allowed in cafeteria plans include medical, dental, vision and group life insurance. In addition, employees can pay for other non-reimbursed health care costs and daycare costs by participating in a Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and a Day Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA).

Cafeteria plans are attractive to your current and potential employees because they can decrease their Federal and State income taxes (if applicable) as well as Social Security and Medicare taxes. Savings could range from 20 – 40% of pre-tax contributions depending on an employee’s actual tax rates.

Cafeteria plans mean tax savings for you, the employer, too. Employer tax savings can be as much as 7.65% of employee pre-tax contributions as a result of decreased taxable Social Security and Medicare wages.

As with anything related to taxes, there are requirements of employers who offer cafeteria plans to employees. Employers must have a written plan document as well as a summary plan description to outline how the plan operates. Lastly, non-discrimination testing must be performed to demonstrate that the plan does not discriminate in favor of highly compensated or key employees.  

Affiliated HR & Payroll provides a full range of services around Section 125 plan administration through a network of partners. 

We can help you with the administration of your plan, from documentation to dissemination, all the way to upkeep.

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