Employee Scheduling

Save time building schedules for your employees and hold them accountable to their hours with an online employee scheduling tool by Affiliated HR & Payroll.

Save Time

With automated workflows

Monitor Attendance

With at-a-glance details

Combat Time Theft

With notification feature

Simplify Scheduling

For as many shifts as needed

A Scheduling Tool That Holds Employees Accountable


Automated Workflows

Save time on shift scheduling by duplicating old schedules and detecting incomplete coverage.


Drag & Drop Scheduling

Creating and modifying schedules is quick and easy with a drag and drop interface.


Fast Feedback

Easily compare assigned schedules against the actual hours worked from the Time Card screen.


Attendance Rules

Set boundaries for employees with in early and out late attendance rules.


Schedule Alerts

Quickly catch missed or irregular punches with system notifications.


Completely Customizable

Configure all alerts and employee rules as you see fit. 

Employee Scheduling Simplified

Scheduling employees is like putting together a puzzle. You have to fit together coverage requirements, employee qualifications, employee preferences, time off requests and fair labor regulations.

Our drag and drop employee scheduling software makes assembling the puzzle child’s play.

Automated workflows help you detect noncompliance and incomplete coverage.

A Time Card report shows you time worked versus time scheduled. Schedule alerts allow you to catch missed or irregular punches with enough time to act. Attendance rules let you establish in late, out early options for individual employees with as many shifts as you need.

How would you spend the time you could save building schedules and monitoring employee hours with this all-in-one, online scheduling system by Affiliated HR & Payroll?

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"Both my husband and myself have used Affiliated HR & Payroll for our small businesses for over a decade. They are professional, kind and always available to answer any questions we have. We highly recommend them for your payroll services. We would not use anyone else. They are the best!"


Owner, Dental Practice

“Affiliated HR & Payroll has made doing payroll so easy and affordable, I cannot imagine doing Payroll any other way or with anyone else. Their personal care and attention to our needs is like having them working inside our office. They are awesome!”

President, Multi-Location Commercial & Personal Lines Insurance Agency

"An essential ingredient in our business is to consistently have a sense of urgency in everything we do. For the past eleven years I've been in business, the team at Affiliated HR & Payroll has been assertive to help resolve any issue or request that we have had, in a similar urgent fashion."


Owner, Multi-Location Restaurant

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