Time-Off Manager

We can make tracking the most complex PTO policies easy for you to manage. This is enabled by our single database system that houses time off request, time card & scheduling all in one place.
Track PTO Accruals
Leave the calculations to us
Manage PTO Requests
With request notifications
Empower Employees
With employee self-service
Save on Admin Time
Integrate with scheduling & payroll

The Ultimate PTO Tracking Manager


Easy for Managers

Notifications of PTO requests allow for quick replies from managers.

Easy for Employees

Employees can request time off from any computer browser or mobile device.

Self-Service Portal

Employees can check their PTO and accrual balances anytime by logging in.

Eliminate Calculations

The system does it for you so you won’t have to audit for mistakes later.

Connect to Scheduling

The time off manager feeds PTO requests into your scheduling system so can you plan accordingly.

Connect to Payroll

The time off manager feeds PTO requests to payroll, compensating employees accordingly.

A Simple Process Made Better with Integrated Tools

Employees want to know how many paid-time-off (PTO) hours they have in the bank. Managers need to know the same information to approve new PTO requests without giving out hours that employees haven’t earned.

With Affiliated HR & Payroll’s time-off manager, have PTO tracked for you, and make balances readily available to both employers and employees.

Simplify PTO requests for employees with web-based request forms accessible from a phone or desktop computer. Make approvals fast by sending automatic notifications to managers, complete with PTO balance reports.

The time-off manager fully integrates with scheduling, payroll and other HR functions, saving you administrative time and data entry errors

Our automated system preserves accuracy, so you won’t be auditing your own mistakes.

2 + 2 =

Simplify PTO Requests & PTO Tracking

Fill out the form to request a demo of our time-off manager. We’ll show you how it saves you time and improves data accuracy.

Client Testimonials

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“Teamwork is a key element in construction.  When I decided to start our company, almost 3 years ago, one of my main goals was to surround myself with the right team.  Affiliated HR & Payroll has blended into our team and provides the support that we need to continue bringing in more teammates as we continue to grow.”


President, Commercial Construction Company

"We have been part of the Affiliated HR & Payroll family for more than 10 years. One of the best business decisions I have made was moving from a larger payroll company to Affiliated HR & Payroll. The personal service I receive is above and beyond any ordinary payroll/HR company.  I highly recommend and refer other business to Affiliated HR & Payroll Services!"


Program Administrator, Medical Practice

“We are grateful to have Affiliated HR & Payroll.  Our expertise is people and the people at Affiliated HR & Payroll understand business. They have educated us, helped us grow, and become a strategic partner. We credit our success to building and maintaining relationships like we have with Affiliated HR & Payroll."


Co-Founder, Strategic Human Capital and Business Strategy Company

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