Employee Engagement Portal

Facilitate a better work life for your employees—which equates to higher productivity—with Affiliated HR & Payroll’s employee engagement portal.

Unlock Talent

By engaging employees in your mission

Spark Conversation

With shared feed walls

Measure Sentiment

With pulse surveys

Reward Employees

By showcasing successes

Ready to improve employee mojo?


Help Employees Thrive

Organically improve performance by engaging employees at a deeper level.


Measure Employee Attitudes

Feedback from short pulse surveys notify you when morale needs a boost.


Encourage Conversation

Feed walls allow for open conversation, ideation and praise.


Put Heads Together

Overcome challenges in unexpected ways thanks to input from all corners of your company.


Gamify Performance

Use a point system to reward team members for performance and participation.


All in One Portal

Mojo connects with our HR and payroll tools, giving you a big-picture view of your workforce. It’s completely integrated with the iSolved single database system.

Bring the Team Together for Greater Innovation.

To truly activate the potential of the personnel you’ve worked hard to recruit, you, the employer, must find a way to make your mission their mission. You probably already have an idea of what it takes to spark employee engagement. Employees want to be heard, to know their work matters, and to have a purpose that surpasses their paycheck. How can you facilitate this in your day to day without losing time on mission-critical tasks?

Affiliated HR & Payroll offers a multi-directional engagement solution called Mojo to help you deliver a better work life to your employees.

Every modern strategy you’ve heard of for employee engagement can be managed through your personalized Mojo dashboard. Send out pulse surveys to understand how employees are handling the latest workplace changes. Crowdsource ideas for overcoming collective challenges. Showcase employees where everyone can see for their ideas and successes.

Employee concerns will never go unheard again through the many channels you give them in Mojo.

Starting with the employee, Mojo provides the tools you need to become innovative by engaging your workforce and leveraging their input. And it’s completely integrated with the iSolved single database system.

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Transform Your Company with Engaged Employees

Your employees have a birds’ eye view of your company’s resources and biggest challenges. They have valuable input you need to hear. Start innovating today by giving employees the platform to share ideas with Affiliated HR & Payroll’s employee engagement portal.

Client Testimonials

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"An essential ingredient in our business is to consistently have a sense of urgency in everything we do. For the past eleven years I've been in business, the team at Affiliated HR & Payroll has been assertive to help resolve any issue or request that we have had, in a similar urgent fashion."


Owner, Multi-Location Restaurant

"We have been part of the Affiliated HR & Payroll family for more than 10 years. One of the best business decisions I have made was moving from a larger payroll company to Affiliated HR & Payroll. The personal service I receive is above and beyond any ordinary payroll/HR company.  I highly recommend and refer other business to Affiliated HR & Payroll Services!


Program Administrator, Medical Practice

“I finally received my PPP loan(yay), and we reopened this past Friday. I really want you guys to know that it wouldn’t have happened without your help. I am so appreciative for the help and support you have given me through the years. Please pass on my thanks to anyone involved that isn’t in this email.”


Owner, Bakery Shop

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