WOTC Screening

Affiliated HR & Payroll will help you analyze all elements of your tax credit program and proactively screen employees for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

Build Up Your Community

By hiring within target groups

Reduce Your Tax Liability

By up to $9,600 per qualified employee

Get Help with IRS Forms

Completion & submission of form 8850

Make Fast Hiring Decisions

With quick screening results

A Full Suite of HR & Payroll Tools


Understand Target Groups

We’ll identify eligible candidates as we come across them.


Track Work Hours

Our payroll system enables you to track eligible salaries and hour-thresholds for the credit.


Show Goodwill

Demonstrate your desire to help the surrounding community with diverse hiring.


Uncover Tax Credits

Earn $1,500 to $9,600 per qualified individual.


Help With IRS Forms

We’ll complete and submit each 8850 form on your behalf.


Quick Results

Fast turn-around of screening reports support quick hiring decisions.

Are You Leaving Tax Credits on the Table?

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit for employers who hire and retain individuals with significant barriers to employment including veterans, long-term unemployed, felons and others on state assistance programs like SNAP, TANF and SSI. If you have a Federal Tax liability and hire a high percentage of hourly employees then you should be screening for WOTC. You may be in a position to receive a WOTC tax credit!

WOTC reduces your company tax liability by up to $9,600 per qualified employee.

There is no limit to the number of tax credits you can claim.

However, many employers, even ones who are prime candidates for WOTC, fail to screen for WOTC. Why? Well, after gaining an understanding of who is eligible, employers must keep track of hours worked and salaries made, as well as learn how to apply for the credit. WOTC becomes just another confusing IRS form to complete.

Affiliated HR & Payroll can manage the WOTC screening process for you. That way you can secure those deductions without breaking a sweat.

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“Teamwork is a key element in construction.  When I decided to start our company, almost 3 years ago, one of my main goals was to surround myself with the right team.  Affiliated HR & Payroll has blended into our team and provides the support that we need to continue bringing in more teammates as we continue to grow.”


President, Commercial Construction Company

"We have been part of the Affiliated HR & Payroll family for more than 10 years. One of the best business decisions I have made was moving from a larger payroll company to Affiliated HR & Payroll. The personal service I receive is above and beyond any ordinary payroll/HR company.  I highly recommend and refer other business to Affiliated HR & Payroll Services!"


Program Administrator, Medical Practice

“We are grateful to have Affiliated HR & Payroll.  Our expertise is people and the people at Affiliated HR & Payroll understand business. They have educated us, helped us grow, and become a strategic partner. We credit our success to building and maintaining relationships like we have with Affiliated HR & Payroll."


Co-Founder, Strategic Human Capital and Business Strategy Company

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