Health Benefits Administration

Health benefits administration by Affiliated HR & Payroll means all facets of benefit plans—enrollment, deductions, updates and more—can be managed accurately and efficiently all in one easy-to-use online portal.

Organize Administration

In one benefits hub 

Simplify Enrollment

With helpful reports and processes

Engage Employees

With helpful tools

Update Life Events

By directly connecting to carriers

Get help with health benefits administration.


Simplify Administration

Organize all aspects of health benefits plans in one, easy to access place.


Engage Employees

A step by step enrollment process makes enrollment straightforward to complete.


Communicate Effectively

We work hand in hand with your broker to provide accurate and helpful information.


Aid Decision Making

Cost comparisons between benefit options simplifies the decision-making process.


Quickly Report Life-Events

Direct connections with carriers inform them of life events immediately.


24/7 Access

Employees can view their benefits anytime just by logging in.

The Portal of Your HR Managers’ Dreams

Need someone to walk you through health benefits administration? The administration service we offer at Affiliated HR & Payroll does just that, all in a single, user-friendly portal.

After a one-time set up of your benefit plans, you can drive open enrollment straight from within the system.

Employees will sign in to find a checklist that helps them complete enrollment, with cost analyses of benefit plans available to them along the way. From there, we connect our system to carriers directly to ensure all life events are promptly communicated as they arise. 

Ease the decision-making process for your employees while simplifying the management process for yourself with an online benefits administration service.

Need help with ACA reporting?

If you are an ALE mandated to provide affordable health care to your employees, don’t go it alone. Let our experts help you maintain compliance with ACA.